Choose From 3 Ways to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

Make a financial contribution to help further our work. Please add physical address, email and phone number in the notes field.

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1 - Make a Financial Contribution

Therapaws, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has opportunities to make tax-deductible donations or bequests. For any donation, you will receive an acknowledgment from us that you have made a tax-deductible donation for your records.

You can donate in three ways:

  1. Make a Financial Contribution
  2. Make Memorial Donation: “Paws & Remember” Program
  3. Adopt a Therapaws “Puppy”

2 - Make a Memorial Donation: "Paws & Remember" Program

  • Express your sympathy or congratulations to a loved one through the “Paws & Remember” program.
  • Therapaws will send a personal letter to the bereaved or the celebrant, indicating that you have made a donation in their memory or honor.
  • Please add your address, phone number and e-mail for the memorial contribution.  In addition, add the name and address of the person you are honoring or memorializing to the notes so we can contact that person or family as well.

Paws & Remember (PDF file download)

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3 - Adopt a Therapaws “Puppy”

These stuffed Therapaws puppies need a good home. They come in many colors and styles with a red Therapaws scarf.

Purchase a puppy to help raise funds for Therapaws:

  • The cost is $10 each, plus shipping to your home.
  • You may also buy directly from our booths at special events for $10.


Adopt a Therapaws Puppy (PDF file download)

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